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First Eucharistic Mass In The Philippines?
Citations that prove the First Mass in the Philippines was held in Homonhon Island.

The calendar at the time of Antonio Pigafetta, the chronicler of Ferdinand Magellan, was the Julian calendar. When Magellan landed in the island of Homonhon, the date was March 16, 1521. The Julian calendar shows that March 16 was Wednesday. Then Pigafetta says they were to leave on March 25th. That being the case, Magellan and his crew were in Homonhon for about 9 days. Consider this. If Magellan had a priest chaplain on this voyage, which he had, the first act of a priest is to offer an act of thanksgiving which is the Eucharistic Mass if only because the crew landed on solid ground after so many months at sea and also found water and sustenance of food when they encountered our kababayans from Sulu-an. Another idea to consider is being in the island of Homonhon for 9 days presupposes that Sunday was one of those days. So a priest, if he is true to his calling should celebrate a Eucharistic Mass on a Sunday.

It may not be a Thanksgiving Mass since the expedition hasn't returned yet to Spain. But a Mass it should be if we are to believe as Catholics that Sunday is a must for a priest to say Mass! Pigafetta himself said that he did not have to write all that had happened for the sake of brevity when he wrote his report to Lord Philip de Villiers Lisleaden, Grand Master of Rhodes..."and afterwards gave me to understand that you desired to have in writing the things which God of His grace had permitted me to see in my said voyage; therefore to satisfy and accede to your desire, I have reduced into this small book the principal things, in the best manner that I have been able."'s_Account_of_Magellan's_Voyage

Cabiton-an Jetty
Here's a wild idea I can throw around. I hope somebody who can make a difference catches it. It is about making Guiuan a more attractive place. By this I mean making use of the US WW2 occupation era Jetty that was used as pier for barges and littoral vessels during the American Naval Base occupation of our beloved Guiuan town. Right now it is an ugly sight with so many squatters using the Jetty as residences. We would hope that these unwelcome squatters were supposed to be moved to certain areas of town provided by the municipal government; areas that are safe for them rather than be exposed to tidal waves or storm surges during visitations of natural disasters.

Now, when hypothetically this Jetty is cleared of squatters, would it not be better to develop the Jetty into a promenade park where the townspeople can enjoy leisure at any hour of the day or night? Palm trees or any ornamental shrub can be planted for shades and ornamental lighting can be installed for night lights. Just a suggestion.

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