Pahuway kamo anay denhi hit
aton balay, mga
Guiuan Airport
Immaculate Conception Church.
Golden Cowrie

Cabiton-an Jetty
Here's a wild idea​​ I can throw around. I hope somebody who can make a difference catches it. It is about making Guiuan a more attractive place. By this I mean making use of the US WW2 occupation era Jetty that was used as pier for barges and littoral vessels during the American Naval Base occupation of our beloved Guiuan town. Right now it is an ugly sight with so many squatters using the Jetty as residences. We would hope that these unwelcome squatters were supposed to be moved to certain areas of town provided by the municipal government; areas that are safe for them rather than be exposed to tidal waves or storm surges during visitations of natural disasters.

Now, when hypothetically this Jetty is cleared of squatters, would it not be better to develop the Jetty into a promenade park where the townspeople can enjoy leisure at any hour of the day or night? Palm trees or any ornamental shrub can be planted for shades and ornamental lighting can be installed for night lights. How about it, Mr. Mayor Christopher Sheen Gonzales? Maybe we still have some leftover of Typhoon Yolanda calamity funds. Just a suggestion.

The Rehabilitation of Guiuan
Now that Guiuan has caught the attention of the Philippine government because of Typhoon Yolanda, it should be given high consideration when it comes to the recovery and rehabilitation of this historic town. The nation owes some considerable recognition and gratitude for this town, it being the doorway to the Christianization of the islands. Its 16th century Catholic Church, the Immaculate Conception which was designated as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, is gone. The townspeople should now look to the higher authorities to have a museum erected that will house the artifacts of the Church and Guiuan’s rich heritage in order to preserve them for the benefit of future generations. The remaining structure of the Church may still be of use or reparable to the extent that the new additional structure will be able to withstand severe earthquakes and typhoons. Or maybe a new Church on the same location or on another lot, again with the forethought that it can withstand severe earthquakes and typhoons like Yolanda. And while at it, why not rehabilitate the site where Magellan landed in Homonhon Island on March 16, 1521, so that it becomes a great attraction for everyone and especially for those historically-minded tourists.

It’s good to know that the fisher-folks are getting their motorboats, a necessary possession that can let them continue with their productive lives; thanks to government aid. But those who are coconut plantation farmers are going to wait for a while for their coconut trees to mature which take 6 to 8 years to be harvestable. Meanwhile, they need all the help they can get.

Coconut oil, by the way, has a great and many healthy and beneficial uses for the human body. If Guiuan’s coconut production starts to recover, which is a great percentage of the Philippine coconut output, so many Filipinos will be getting benefits from the use of their own coconut product.

Some healthy benefits of Coconut Oil. It is: a) anti-inflammatory, b) antimicrobial, c) antifungal, d) antiviral, and e) improves nutrient absorption.
Some of the healthiest people are those who have coconut and coconut oil in their normal eating habits.